Hebrew Bible/Old Testament seminar

Michaelmas Term 2017

Most seminar sessions meet in the Harris Seminar Room, Oriel College at 2.30–4.00 p.m., but check each week for variations.
Consult the Oriel College Porter’s Lodge for the 4-digit passcode to enter the Harris Seminar Room.


Professor Hindy Najman
Oriel & Laing Professor of the Interpretation of Holy Scripture
Oriel College
hindy.najman@oriel.ox.ac.uk for any questions about the seminar

Week 1: Mon 9 October *

* Light lunch is served at 1.30 p.m.

Chair: Hindy Najman (Oriel)
For all those in attendance, faculty and students will briefly introduce their work to our subject group.


Weeks 2–5: Joint Seminar with Cambridge on “Translation and Interpretation”
Co-Organizers: James Aitken (Cambridge) and Hindy Najman (Oriel)
Weeks 3 and 5 in Cambridge: Runcie Room, Faculty of Divinity, West Road. CB3 9BS. A map and directions can be found on the faculty’s HB/OT website.

Week 2: Mon 16 October (in Oxford) *

* Subject group meeting will take place at 1.15–2.15 p.m. in Prof Najman's office, Oriel College 5.4.

Chair: James Aitken (Cambridge)
Speakers: Hindy Najman (Oriel) and Arjen Bakker (Oriel) — Conceptual Translation and Transfer of Culture

Week 3: Wed 25 October (in Cambridge)

Chair: James Aitken (Cambridge)
Speaker: Jonathan Stökl (King’s College London) — Catching an Allusion in a Net: Thoughts on the “Translation” of Mesopotamian Motifs, Allusions and Tradition History

Week 4: Mon 30 October (in Oxford)

Chair: Alison Salvesen (Mansfield)
Speakers: Jan Joosten (Christ Church) and Jelle Verburg (St John’s) — Acculturation and Identity: Lexical Choice in the Septuagint

Week 5.1: Wed 8 November (in Cambridge)

Chair: Hindy Najman (Oriel)
Speakers: Marieke Dhont (Metz) and James Aitken (Cambridge) — Cultural Assumptions of the Septuagint Translation


Please note that there are two sessions in week 5 and none in week 7 due to SBL

Week 5.2: Thu 9 November – Visit to Oxford’s Ashmolean Museum *

*Meet at entrance of the Ashmolean at 10 p.m.

Chair: Jaś Elsner (Corpus Christi)
10 p.m. viewing exhibition “Imagining the Divine”, see: https://empiresoffaith.com/exhibition/
11.00-13.00 presentation and discussion in Headley lecture theatre

Week 6: Mon 13 November – Student Presentations (all are welcome)*

* This session will run 2.30-4.30, tea served at 4.30

Chair: Hindy Najman (Oriel)
Judith Clarke (Oriel) — The Liturgical Calendar at Qumran
Rory Turnbull (Oriel) — Life as the Reward for Righteousness in Early Jewish Texts
James Nati (Yale) — Non-Biblical Texts in Textual Criticism: The Case of Serekh ha-Yahad
Itai Kagan (Hebrew University) — The Origin of the Legal Formulae in Jubilees' Festivals


Week 7: (no seminar due to SBL)


Week 8: Mon 27 November

Chair: Jan Joosten (Christ Church)
Stephanie Dalley (Oxford) — Kedor-laomer and Genesis 14:1-16: Some Possible New Light on an Old Problem

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